BBC jazz trio

The BBC Jazz Trio  is renamed  "Redshift". Link to the new website here...

For nearly four years, Dave Bristow, Kurt Bischoff and Neil Conaty have performed under the "temporary" title BBC, taken from their initials, but now have  finally decided to give their band a new name . After years of fruitless band name meetings, a bottle of 12 yr old single malt was brought in as consultant and within minutes, the decision was made - the BBC jazz trio is now simply,  Redshift.

Redshift is the effect that speedy galaxies have on light as they swing away from us, and the name reflects the musician's perspective on this strange and interesting universe that we live in. It also nicely describes their music which is, occasionally, just a little bit out there on the edge.

So, the challenge to the British Broadcasting Corporation is over. They can rest easy. Home grown instrumental jazz-music with a twist is now in the capable hands of Redshift.

Enjoy our new website and keep an eye out around town for the new name.
The band will be playing just a few more local gigs as the BBC, and will be holding a Redshift "coming out" party at the Treehouse on Sunday, July 27th